Friday, January 22, 2010

Karen Walker Sunglasses - Sir Bookie

Once again I've come accross the bargain basement Karen Walker Sunglass seller.. I purchased another pair of crazy Sir Bookies (let's face it, they are not wearable!)
The last pair i bought were falling off my head, whereas these ones are quite tight.. has my head expanded!?

Straight onto Ebay for these babies!

I've felt a lull in Karen Walker's designs... it feels like her last season was for ever ago, and her new season is nowhere to be seen. Anything that does come out is very Karen Walker, but also very same same. Hope there's not trouble in quirky fashion paradise!

I've not embraced any of the Hi there by Karen Walker at Myer, and I feel that's all I've been seeing in store lately. I love her and want more more more!! In my dreams my wardrobe is full of Karen Walker! So, the only option is to go to New Zealand and check out the store, ahha.

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