Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sunshine Coast

I'm up in the Sunshine Coast for work.. it's flipping stunning. So happy to be away from Melbourne, and driving around the Hinterland meeting lovely people, and seeing interesting things.

Some highlights..

These are peppers from Spain grown up past Maleny in a beautiful little spot. The farmer is selling his Maleny home, which is so architecturally amazing that it belongs on Grand Designs, to live in a farmhouse here.

I bought a kilo of lychees which i ate super quickly, resulting in super sticky hands all day and a very reactive stomach! yeesh. Then I drank a coffee with a faulty lid, and ended up with coffee all down my top. total slob.
My hair is at it's absolute worst! urgh! I can't stop looking at the roots in the rearview.... so vain, i know.

Quick stop at the Big Pineapple. It was so bright that it was almost impossible to take a photo with a normal expression on my face (this would be the closest)

I stayed night 1 here... it's Spicers Peak in Montville... super exy, exclusive guesthouse. It was lovely, but the town was dead, so I ended up playing scrabble App on my phone and text messaing people all night... I wasn't sure what else to do as Im not really a communal library/ lounging area type person!

Something you can't get away from food-wise in Sunshine Coast is the thriving ginger industry! This is one of the farms in Eumundi.. I always thought ginger was a weird root which was like a truffle or a tulip bulb lying deep beyond the surface.. now i know better ... you pull it up, as you would an onion...

I have more photos, however I think I may have overused my data limit in the hotel.. so will do a part 2 when i get home!

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