Friday, January 15, 2010

My new Old Pink Dress..

Up in Gympie I came accross this vintage pink pleat dress in an op shop for 9.95.. pleats arn't my thing at all, but as it was my size, and my favourite neckline, it felt too fateful to pass up. I wore it to Al Green last night, and was pretty happy with it!?

Vintage dress, Gorman clogs, MJ Bag.

Jewellery of note: YSL Coral Arty, Aboriginal bracelet mum bought me in Alice Springs (it's first outing!) Engagement Ring, Glitter bracelet, Gucci watch... plus mega bags under my eyes.. goddamn I've been so tired !!!

I had my hair done today, so hopefully starting to look a lil better! Christian was here until 4am this morning drinking with us outside, and I think I woke up still drunk... feeling like hell and have a big dinner on tonight!!

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Miss Patrice said...

What bags under your eyes? You look stunning and I love your blog, very stylish, down-to-earth and natural.