Friday, January 22, 2010

Wedding Vietnamese BedSheets

I don't know why, but lately I feel like Im living on no sleep. This is odd, because I've tried really hard all week to get to bed early, (midnight hehe) but every morning I wake up with the same fatigued sense of sickness. I am so tired in the mornings that I feel ill. Generally it takes 6 coffees and I'm back in functioning order. Right now I'd say Im functioning at 20%.

So we had a wedding today, and this morning was no different! it was a workmate of Lp's at the St Ignatious Hill on Richmond Hill.

I agonised for 20 minutes over which outfit I would wear, it came down to three possibilities. The first one features an Ebony Eve top I bought from Myla boutique yesterday. I went to the shop not expecting much, and found they had samples of all my favourite floral stuff! Most things were too small, but this blue kimono style beaded sequin jacket was perfect. I bought it hastily without realising there are strange, splotchy stains all over the arms. Argh!
Shown with Ted Baker dress- blue overload! The problem with this shade of blue is that it looks a bit like a work shirt?
Pretty detailing on the back of the jacket. As you can see it's hardly an iron free fabric!!
ye faithful Scanlan and Theodore red shimmer jacket with the investment dress I've barely worn! I was determined to wear it today, but of course couldn't make up my mind and went with my black Russian floral silk dress... boring boring boring. I am sick to death of defaulting to that dress!

Anyways after the wedding it poured with rain, we drove down to Victoria St as I was craving Vietnamese.. went to Thy Thy.. first for lunch! :)
I am tired as hell. Looking at this photo makes me feel even snoozier!

My favourite thing when dining Viet style, Vietnamese special drink!..

It's the little decorative touches that make a restaurant like Thy Thy such a pleasure to be in.. the Disco Ball, the Essendon FC clock, this fake yellow blossom with Commonwealth Bank branded red envelopes hanging from it...

Not to mention the celebrity Thy Thy diners board.. None other than Ronnie Burns, Jack Jones (from Southern Sons- Rebecca Gibney's ex husband!) and Peter Moon have dined here!

There is even a fan card for the old Price is Right, pinned to the bottom left hand corner. Amazing.

And finally yesterday i think i may have come accross the best bargain of all time. Arabella Ramsay Doona & pillow case sets.. reduced from $285 down to $29!!!!!
I couldn't believe it, i bought myself, Narrelle and the boys a set.

The quality is sensational, and the high thread count delicious! (I wanted to use the word delicious to describe something, hehe. :)

I've blogged, now I sleep. In my soft, smooth lovely sheets.. the reception is at 8PM tonight, so best I get some shut eye!

ps. got my hair done last week.. doesnt exactly look it (again) hmmm.


Papillon Vintage said...

I LOVE the little jacket with the birds. Very charming!

Shadiya said...

Where did you purchase the lovely Arabella Ramsay doona cover??