Sunday, August 14, 2011

Japan - Tokyo Pt 2

In Ebisu, we did the Yebisu Beer Museum, and learnt a little bit about it's superiority in the beer world. Superior flavour and satisfaction guaranteed.

What beer loving woman could walk past these giant cans without fantasing they were real!?

It was certainly a luxurious use of space in Tokyo!

The backstreets were full of uber trendy bars... we set off in search of an Irish Pub that was supposed to be the life of Ebisu, but never found it! I swear we walked the same backstreet set of blocks 30 times- to no avail! I think this was the closest I have ever come to losing my mind in travel mode- we had to head back to the hotel and rest! It was a painful experience.

Trendy bar, pre opening

We also checked out the Parasite Museum in nearby Meguro (yes, we seriously went to the Parasite Museum, here’s some specimen ja to prove it!

Here's the centrepiece of the museum- a 9m tapeworm!!

The very same type that startlets of times gone by would have intentionally inserted as a weight loss technique. After seeing the tape worm, it’s similarity to folded piece of masking tape... I think any actress would be so grossed out she would have to say no! How would the doctors have been farming these tape worms, anyways!? Ew.

Moving along, I loved seeing these guys on the street – the Smoking Police! I have never seen such a blanket ban on smoking... aside from in designated smoking rooms, Tokyo is now No Smoking anywhere outside.

Food was also a big part of our trip, but this could go on for another billion pages if I posted pics of every food moment. One thing that did make me laugh (well, temporarily make me very nervous!) was eating a katsu set, that came with a strict set of instructions. Here are my bowls/ plates at the end. Each pickle was to be transferred to a particular plate, each sauce poured into a particular dish, each item to be eaten in a particular order.

Lp’s came in the box with some miso on the side!

More than anything, i think we ate a LOT of buns. Savoury buns that may as well have been sugar buns!

My fav food experience was without doubt the basements of the department stores (especially Shinuku's Isetan- amazeballs!) Here's a square watermelon that could be purchased from Daimaru for a mere hundred dollars or so!

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