Friday, August 19, 2011

Japan - Kyoto

After a week in Tokyo, we caught the Shinkansen to Kyoto.
We stayed in this gorgeous place called Hotel Monterey right near Oike Dori.
It was ye olde, but semi designery, but kind of businessy.
Bizarrely I didn't take photos of all the features- such as the little ye olde church incased in a glass building (wet weather contingency) but here I am "Hair testing" in our room.

So Kyoto is all about natural beauty, history and shrines... plenty and plenty of shrines!
So we put on our sneakers and hit the cobbled steep streets of Higashiyama.
It was hot, damn hot.

My hair struggles in heat!

Another activity we had to do was head to Mt Kurama- and check out some more.. shrines!
It was gorgeous, and well worth the 30 minute train trip out of the city.
You catch a special train with seats designed for sightseeing in Cherry Blossom season.

I'm not going to lie- I thought this was a Damn hard walk!
I am so unfit, it was so hot, the path was so steep!
All along the way there was shrines - Maybe 20 up and down the mountain.

Here we are in the Kyoto Imperial Palace Park
It was all fun and games til the heavens opened, and we were soaked down to our socks and undies.
It rained and rained and rained. we had to seek refuge in a toilet block!
Lucky they keep them so damn clean!

We saw these little Octopus in the food market.. there's a "Little egg" inside it's head.

And we tried Buckwheat noodles from the oldest Soba restaurant in Kyoto
They're served plain + cold to savour the Buckwheat flavour. Review for a non Buckwheat connasieur- boring.

Divine Sushi packs from Department store basement.
And the most extravagant parfait in Kyoto- the $500 Parfait.
As seen here on the bottom shelf...
What is it with Japan being the home of mock cream?

We found an amazing Organic Buffet.. and it was cheap! About $8 pp all you can eat.
And we did!
When it comes to fruit, why not make it kawaii!?
And speaking of Kawaii, I almost died when I spotted this cat.
Idential to my beautibelle Tinkerbelle.
Beauty spot and all!
We found it impossible to stay out of toy shops everywhere we went.

In Kyoto it was all about this Japanese kids show featuring Character CHAIRS !?
It's amazing! Stools, park benches, swivel chairs, a ...cactus!?
Of all the chairs, this is by far my favourite.

The Badass Country and Western Chair!
Isn't he Hilar!?

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