Friday, August 19, 2011

Japan - The bright lights of Osaka

After Kyoto, we took the Bullet train to took all of about 10 mins!

We hit the ground, and went straight to Spaworld.
It's a multilevel Onsen centre, with pools and waterslides on the top levels.
No cameras allowed, which is a shame because there was some magnificent signs in Engrish!
Here we are fresh off the train. Apparently the area is a bit dodgy- Spaworld is opposite the Osaka Zoo. This is the Entrance to the zoo...
Here's a sign saying you won't be admitted if you're "dead drunk"

We did the "Must see" Osaka Aquarium.

It's an amazing 8 level engineering masterpiece, with it's own whale shark! Nowhere near the size of the ones you see cruising along off the coast of WA, but it was exciting to see one nonetheless.
This souvenir book is hilariously cute.

I found Osaka was a buzzier, glitzier, visually interesting version of Tokyo.
There seemed to be a lot more going on- or at least in the eyes of a foreigner!
In Osaka we finally tried a Japanese Crepe... Caramel banana ice cream
And in keeping with our love of Japanese toys... Osaka gave Nick his boyish Favourite, "Going Places" - adorable!
In Osaka two things made me a bit sick.

This Parfait I got from Family Mart.. I was ill for hours before I could sleep!

And then, the mother of all food faux pas....

We went to a Yakitori joint advertised in the Osaka guide.
It claimed a Banquet set of delicious Yakitori and assorted Japanese goodness with All you can drink beer included in the price. I was having Yakitori cravings, Lps was having beer cravings.
They were English speaking, with an English Menu... It all made sense, right?

We arrived to an empty upstairs restaurant... there was a young guy and a young girl running the place. They seemed very surprised when we entered. They didn't speak english, nor did they carry a Japanese menu... so we had to order from the Osaka Guide.

Our Entree arrives... RAW OFFLE.
Omfg. Raw heart. Raw liver. Raw chicken. I die.
I couldn't bring myself to take photos of the rest of the courses, but sufficed to say- it got worse.
The GRILLED offle was potentially WORSE!
Yakitori sticks of all manner of gizzard. I don't know why or how, but grilled Gizzard was worse.

There's Lps trying to figure out the Japanese offle bits and pieces!

I had to secretly remove the meats from the table, into a tissue, into my bag, into the bin outside.

We couldn't get out of there fast enough!!!

I had raw liver related nightmares that night. I could picture it's slimey texture and the spots.
It was covered in spots.

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