Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Japan - Hiroshima

And for our final Japanese destination - Hiroshima.

Prior to our visit, a friend had told me
"it's like going to Melbourne, then going to stay in Oakleigh"

I have to say I disagree. Whilst it's not set up for long stints, and you're "limited" to two main attractions - the A Dome and the A Bomb Museum, I really enjoyed our short stint there. And it was amazing (by amazing I mean somewhat chilling) to be in such a historical location, trying to fathom how on Earth the Atomic Bomb was given the green light. What a hideous experiment.
I also found the Hiroshima people the most friendly and interested in Japan.

We arrived in time for August 6th, the anniversary of the Bomb. It was really special, and should you ever get the chance whilst in the country I thoroughly reccommend it. There are memorial events staged throughout the day along the river, however the highlight would have to be in the evening when thousands of lanterns are sent off down the river, each one inscribed with messages of peace.

Folding the lanterns and sending them out on the river.

By nightfall it was a spectacular sight. Despite all the people, it was very calm, very quiet, and one of the most peaceful experiences I've had.
Other bits and pieces we saw around town, which warranted a photograph were -

The hypocentre of the bomb blast, on a backstreet between some vending machines.
This represents the actual coordinate spot.

Hiroshima Kiddyland's Bizarre Maradona vending machine.
Here is Lp's scrounging for appropriate yen to buy one.
Upstairs there was a BB gun department, with some very accutate fake guns.
Lps was dazzled!
Multilevel Pet shops- right now monkeys are the rage!
No photos allowed- they look psychotic, and I would feel most unnerved having one in my house!

In Hiroshima they are very proud of their own Okonomyaki - it's made with a layer of noodles!
There is even a multilevel Okonomyaki world- we found this stall on the 3rd level. I would call this hangover food- it's pretty intense!
The ladies whip them up skillfully over these flat grills.
Holy moly it was hot, I have no idea how they do it! Lps and I left sweating, and bright red (however that could be a description applied accross our entire holiday!)

My fav Dick Bruna character of all time is Poppy the Pig- and I found a plush poppy in a little nondescript plush toy shop!

It was really hard to find a hotel in Hiroshima because of the Anniversary, but Lps managed to get us a room at a hotel called the Sunroute. It was very compact! I felt a bit like it was a capsule on an aeroplane! In particular the bathroom...

After Hiroshima we headed back to Tokyo for a few days.. steamy as steamy!
Check out my extra excellent husband taking on all the luggage duties!
And so ends my posts from japan!

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