Friday, July 22, 2011

New means of photography.

Snappity Snap!
Hoorah, after so many broken cameras that I can't keep up, I finally bought a new digital camera yesterday, specifically to take to Japan. The touch screen Canon Ixus 310. I don't have a great deal to photograph, so I took to trying on new clothes this afternoon, in an effort to figure out which would come with me on hols. We leave the day after tomorrow, and I have been avoiding all effort to prepare myself. Happily unemployed, I've been supremely lazy... I'm almost ashamed of myself, if I wasn't so damn cosy!.

Here's my new Winter Kate kimono jacket.
I love love love the pattern, but the jacket itself is a tricky one to wear.
ONLY because due to puffing up a bit, I'm avoiding skinny jeans like the plague!
Also, short dresses arn't doing me any favours- and this aint one to wear with a maxi!

I have hads my eye a Fleur Wood dress for the last couple of weeks.
It appeared on Facebook in my feed, and took over my brain.
Despite not being the most flattering shape, it so engrained itself, I had no choice but to buy it the second it hit stores yesterday.
Diving wrapping paper... I love love love this rainbow- so nostalgic of an oversized gauzey hair ribbon I had as a child.
This dress, and in particular the fabric, feel identical to a million dresses that have been through my wardrobe over the years. Did my mum wear a (no doubt more stylish) dress like this in the 70s? It comes with a olive rope belt, which due to my hippy shape, looks terrible. I'll stick with 'maternity chic' oversize.
Worn with my new Country Road jacket, that I picked up this week
....and an inexplicably stern expression!

And then... today the Anna & Boy Carnation dress arrived that I've wanted for so long.
I love it- so glam, so poolside, such stunning fabric. The silk crepe de chine is beauuu-ti-ful.
I'm scared I look a bit OTT Kookie Look at me... Ill pull it on when I think I look alright., it will need to be a hot day!

It looks to me as though this dress will make an AMAZING long kimono jacket.
I'm sure I've seen similar in Winter Kate styles.

I gave it a whirl with this Zimmermann dress... wrong wrong wrong.
I look like I'm in a cult or running a retreat teaching sex therapy sessions!
Better find a more suitable under-outfit! ie, not a floral maxi!

And a hanky hem Zimmermann smock dress... Oh julia, get yerself a new look! hehe.
At least the colours are a new look!
And the gingham check.. i think it takes a moment or two for people to process.
My nana was beyond confused.
I justified it to her by saying, "Nana, it's very fashion, it's from David Jones"to which she "ooh'd"!

And then - this week's shoes!

A pair of Gorman clogs I picked up at the sale store.
I love the colour, although they're not especially comfortable.
Sambag studded ballet flats in navy... quite possibly the most comfortable slipper-like shoes i have ever ever ever put on my feet. They are like pillows!
(I hope I am still saying this after traipsing around Japan!)
Boy oh boy oh boy- How pale can ya get!?
My legs havn't seen sun in months and months... they are genuinely blue hued!

And here's a mistake and a half.. I wanted some day to day boots, walked into Santini, and bought these. Why? They are damn uncomfortable to boot, made from a cheap looking leather (without being "Cheap") and I rejected the same style in zebra- it just doesn't make sense.
In fact I can barely walk in them after a day of having them on in the city.
Epic, shoe, FAIL.

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