Saturday, July 2, 2011

Crafting: Cat Cushions

For some reason I was thinking last night about how awesome it would be to have my cats in two places at once. Because LPs is allergic, and because we don't have the right setup, the cats stayed with my mum when I moved out. So I came up with a simple solution- make cuddly cat cushions so they can be with me all the time.

I made Tinkerbelle's last night. I am pretty happy with the result.

Today she spent some time in the garden doing what she does best.

For example, sitting in the tree looking vacant..

Or, sitting in the garden, looking vacant..

Gizmo is a much more masculine, lion-like cat that OOZES personality (yes, it's pretty weird personality, but he's oozing it nonetheless!) Today is a wintery Sunday so I started on his cushion wuite happpily whilst watching Short Circuit with Lps.

Hopefully have him finished tonight!

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