Saturday, July 2, 2011

Acne Pistols - Denim

It's been an agonising hunt for Ankle boots that I LOVE.

Earlier this year, I picked up a pair of grey suede booties from Country Road which became my uniform for the last few months. So unlike me not to diversify, and get some newbies along the way, but given the renovation theme I've been in for the last three months, it was impossible to upgrade, due to the potential for ruin.

It became a relationship of hate with these boots- suede stretched up to two sizes (I was wearing three pairs of LP's sports socks to work, hot) I swore that the second I finished on the Block I would throw these godforsaken boots out in the bin where they belong, but it's not so easy. I was a rolled footstep away from a sprained ankle! Unable to find a suitable replacement (like, wha) I have been stuck with them for the last couple of weeks out of work.

On Friday I decided that enough was enough and made a split second purchase. I had been coveting the Acne Pistols for a year (well, admittedly last year it was in their knee high guise).

I went with denim leather, as black was sold out.

So delighted with myself and giddy with excitement, things changed when I arrived home to give them a test spin around the house. Holy guacamole. I don't know what Acne managed to do to these shoes - the rock hard leather, the slightly strange moulded shape.... but DAMNIT, are they uncomfortable! After about twenty minutes they felt torturous, the bones in my feet felt like they had crunched into pieces, and my poor toes! The woman at Miss Louise admitted that she found them very uncomfortable at first, but they got better after a couple of weeks.

um, a couple of weeks!?!

I'm so saddened... do I persevere, or ebay whilst they still have a newness to them? A Tough decision ahead.

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