Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hasty purchases

..Are my specialty!

This week I've made a couple... just now I bought this Anna & Boy long Carnation dress online... because I desperately need some fresh new clothes! Unfortunately they only provide one photo (so I'm counting on the idea that there is buttons to conceal some of that extreme slit!). I'm planning to wear it in Tokyo, but am I wacko with this idea? Will this dress be Japan- esque? Anyways, hopefully delivery is hasty so I can count it in or out of my luggage asap.

In other news I did a Topshop order this week, which included a pair of amazing black ankle boots with bright gold heels. They arrived, and despite my strained siatic nerve (i think I may have pinched something in my spine, which in turn is making movement a true pain in all respects- who knew a buttock could cause so much pain!?) I had them on my feet in a matter of seconds. And yep, they were as cool as I'd hoped...
but they are MAN SIZED! I already have a big enough foot as it is, and these would have been another 3 sizes on top of that. Comically huge! In fact LP's described them as "man sized" .. damnit. Now sold out. Back to the UK they go..

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