Saturday, April 9, 2011

An eggy Tradition


When it comes to painting Easter Eggs, I seriously can't break the tradition- it's almost become a superstition for me, that when I drop something like this for a year, it makes the Easter break seem like it woul be a sad occasion.

We grew up painting them every year- and as a kid we used to do Latvian Easter Egg hunts in the forest, where we'd be searching for painted hardboiled eggs. I think all of us would have preferred Chocolate, but looking back it's so nostalgic!

Yesterday I popped down to the Pran Market to buy some pure white eggs, they are seriously quite amazing to see in a world of 'the browner the better'. The explanation the lady gave me was that "they're white, like you would be if you were from Africa... oops, I mean England!".... okaaay!

Colour comparison - white vs normal.

Anyways, here's the way it's done ala Svenson Haart.

This is a super simple, and quick activity.
You need food colouring, white vinegar, and eggs- lots of eggs!

Boil the eggs (go for two to three minutes once the water is boiled)

Once ready, boil up some water- add a generous amount of vinegar & food dye to four seperate cups. With the food dye, it's trial and error to make sure you have enough (so start with less and build it up)

Submerge each egg into the different dyes- it should only take a couple of minutes per egg to get the desired colour (depending if you're a pastel person, or like me, BRIGHT, you are able to control the colour with the amount of time the egg spends in the glass)

To decorate- Metallic pen!
Paint Poscas are also great- but I chose to stick with silver.

In recent times I've been going quite elaborate Ukranian (= time consuming!).
I painted these ones last year, and here's some from the two years prior.

I decided this year to give the eggs a super basic Nordic spin with simple block silver patterns.

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