Sunday, July 29, 2012

Theme Song: I can't get No Satisfaction

After a particularly nasty morning poop, We changed into this suit for the first time and had an intensive photo session.  Freddy was too distracted by his mobile to care less about the Devo I was playing him (the songs feel appropriate to Freddy's life- I can't get no satisfaction (the neverending desire for cuddles), Whip It (whipped mummy & daddy!), but I think he prefers Pink Floyd.  Shine on You Crazy Diamond is his favourite song. 

I have come to the conclusion that no matter HOW CUTE, how cosy, how whatever-
Shoes + Babies = a total waste of time!
(well, in Freddy's case anyways. When it comes to shoes, he says no- leaving his little sneakers & uggies completely redundant decor!)

Here is the split second when two uggies were on at once.

One second later, two uggies kicked to the back of cot, sigh.

Those chunky chunky thighs!

I can't wait for Thailand in October when I can finally have them on show, without the guilt of winter!


We had a mini LP's fam BBQ yesterday at the Beaumaris Yacht Squadron - essentially for mine, Trev's & Amy's bday combined.

And needless to say, Freddy was cuddled - TO THE EXTREME.

Alas, no pics of me, but I caught my reflection in the window at one point and had the shock of my life!!
I swear I look bigger than when I was preggo- must start hitting the pavement ASAP.
Rain, please stay away!!!

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