Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hello to my man - little Freddy

Better late than never!

So it's been a while, and a lot has changed. I need to get back into making a personal record, as I'm quite fond of trawling back over my posts, no matter how boring/ banal/badly photographed. 

So, albeit with a fair bit less time, I'm back. 

On Feb 22nd I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy, Frederick.  

 Weighing in at 8 pounds, 3 ounces and 50cm long.

Hello world, here I am - finally!

It was a pretty intense experience (no... really?) but I often reflect back on that Wednesday morning, 10 days late, and think I was pretty darn lucky! I'd spent the days prior driving all over town, feeling confident in the appointment that he was going to be induced the following day. I was all over town passing time.. in Victoria St eating Salad Rolls, in North Melbourne having Thai breakfast, over in Yarraville buying sausages, in Lygon St eating Brazillian Ice cream.... So when I woke with little twitches in my tummy, that progressed to mind blowing cramps within an hour, I thanked my lucky stars I wasn't out by myself in public!

Freddy arrived within a couple of hours of arriving to Fremasons hospital, so all up a very short labor. I could swear he was on his way in the car, but he'd turned posterior, so not in the best position.  Without going into too much detail, my obstetrician arrived, turned him around, and our little Freddy arrived into the world.

What can I say- The Miracle of Life!

And so begins our little fam!

Fastforward five and a half months, and here we are. 

Mid year, mid winter (mid terrible Flu Season!!!), mid London Olympics and things are going well.  
He's smiley, he's cheeky, he's strong willed.  He's rolled (albeit only a few times) and he's been practicing his ga ga chat skills.  He's becoming interested in toys, and he's still stationary (plonk him down and he moves very little!)  And he smiles at everyone around him- even if not at mummy!

Sure there's been a few rough nights, and a couple of nasty chest infections (one that's still on the mend) but all up-
So far, so good!

 um- amazing! My fav party of Fredourdo- those chunky chunky thighs! 

 Freddy's lucky to have some pals off the bat!  Baby Archie.

Baby Alexander

And a whole posse of new mates! 

The associated Media Scrum!

Busy Babies!

Of course there's daddy!

And his BFF right now (for this week at least!) .. Sheep!

He's been spoilt beyond belief with a gazillion outfits. 
I think his great nana (his Nonna) and his Nana (Omi) may be keeping the babywear industry booming!
Would love to post them all... some only made it out once (Ralph Lauren Polo) or some never! (Ralph Lauren Chino shorts).  He's got cashmere jumpers, duffel coats, beautiful fact his wardrobe poos all over his mum & dad's combined - then quadroupled!! :)

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emmabovary said...

I have been waiting for this post! I am so happy for you, what an adorable little addition to your family :)