Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Baubles

Much to my delight I just did a little job painting Christmas Baubles for a PR Company's top clients. 

What a delight this would be to do for a living! 

Well. seasonal sure.. but crafting at home & BEING PAID = too good to be true! 

Freddy played on the floor whilst I painted.  The only downside- our family has been covered in glitter for the last couple of weeks. Including LPs in the office! hehe.

So the baubles come from Riot Art & Craft, and are filled with various beads, sequins & pearls. 

These are truly the most versatile decortation, I could think of so many ways to use them!
(In particular as wedding bonboneirie.. I had a vision of light blue painted sticks as table centrepieces, with these hanging down. One for each guest...sweet! Oh well, bit late for us!)

Here's some trials. 

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