Sunday, August 12, 2012

Happy .5 Birthday!

Don't ask me how, but I've been counting Freddy's age all wrong. Uh.. yup!

I did a little birthday photoshoot excitedly last week, on 8th Aug.... when Freddy isn't 6 months old until August 22nd.  Strange mistake on my part!

So it seems I got to throw a little Freddy & friends birthday for his roughly 5 1/2 month birthday, under the guise of 6 months.

Minutae- who cares right!? PARTY yipee!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Julia! Congrats on the arrival on Freddie :-) I don't come on the blogs much any more but am all over instagram - are you on there? If you are my username is paperheartsandplanes - follow me! Kate x