Thursday, February 9, 2012

New things - a car & a rug!

Lps and I bought a new car a couple of nights ago!

A ruby red Honda CRV..

The perfecto Family car!
Arn't I looking enormous!? YEEEP.

My Little Lamb Freckle Wool Ball rug also arrived for the nursery.

I've grown accustomed to the Nursery being quite bare...

so Im still adjusting to the new floor covering!


Cotton Socks said...

i love that rug!!
All the best with the birth this/next week!
Cant wait to find out what name you have chosen!

Timmy Radloff said...

Yeah, it’s absolutely a perfect family car! That is actually the main goal of the Honda CR-V–to be an excellent family vehicle. It’s the safest Honda car for families because it has good safety scores. What I like about this car is that it has a rearview camera to make your parking a lot easier.

>Timmy Radloff

Kyle Schmidt said...

Indeed, it’s a perfect family car! The cargo and passenger space of this Honda CR-V compact crossover is good enough for a big or a small family. It’s actually the car that we’re planning to buy for our family. Anyway, how’s your 2013 so far?

>Kyle Schmidt