Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Wangs

I have only kind of been indulging in clothing treats lately, mainly because
a. I am working on a renovation TV show, and I am better suited wearing my blundstones, jeans and crew jacket. Uniform post a must. One thing I can not bring myself to wear, under any circumstances, is my Bisley Workwear heavy cotton drill pants. Gross, gross... Gross!
b. I have failed at diet and exercise of late, and can't help but have a fright everytime I see myself in photograph. Hence, nothing looks good, ever.
Not even with attempting to flatteringly photograph.

One passable that avoids both issues is my new sunglasses-
The Alexander Wang X Linda Farrow Zipper frame.

So I went to A wedding recently, got very drunk, and broke my camera. Hoorah! This is now my 10th camera in a couple of years (a likely exaggeration, however it certainly feels like that). I'm back on the ol' iphone (which has been out of action for a couple of months, due to mysteriously getting moisture inside- I was DYING without my internet!)

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