Saturday, March 27, 2010

A lack of shopping activity in the USA.

I am sad to say that I didn't take advantage of shopping in the States. I can't say that I necessarily had the time, and being with hardcore vintage lovers meant that Vintage was the flavour of the trip! So my purchases were few and far between- I have surprised myself!

I planned to buy these Opening Ceremony boots when I returned to New York at the end of the trip, but damnit i ran out of time.

I wish I owned the whole range of these Opening Ceremony shoes...

I found this Marc Jacobs dress at a Vintage store in Brooklyn for $15.
Vintage dress $15
Brooklyn Vintage stores.. incredible.

I walked into the much hyped Beacon's Closet, saying I want a green floral dress... low and behold, there's a gorgeous green floral dress!

The floral print is stunning (in my floral obsessed opinion!)

From the same store, this cute little top. I only noticed afterwards that it wasn't hemmed! (someone had cut the bottom off with scissors - it's a project!)

When we got to Texas, Vintage turned pretty serious. With Kate in tow, we visited every vintage store on South Congress, lower first, and Guadalupe!

Contemplating purchases..
So cute..

This dress was a flippant purchase (namely because it's green AND has candy striped sleeves!)

It is possibly half a size too small in the bust... it's a lil on thew squashy side! I wore it out to BBQ the following day... HUGE mistake, i could barely breathe!

Here I am about to become damaged by Texas' favourite food, the BBQ.... (meat is smoked for 12 hours in a beef pit)

dress in the process of bursting!

Hello Hello you fatty pork rib!

I am now officially obsessed with Cowboy boots. I bought two vintage pairs whilst I was there- i had originally planned to get an awesome custom pair, but I just didn't see anything that grabbed / inspired me! Vintage boots were absolutely everywhere, on every man woman and child in Austin!

my first pair..

And then I bought this red pair (on the left) at Buffalo Exchange. Irene splashed out on this Frye pair on the right..

My fav purchase of all was a Marc Jacobs dress from Century 21 in New York. I don't have a photo of it, apart from this one! I got the blister from hell, and was forced to wear socks all over town- the blisters were just too painful!! Isn't that insane.

I've decided to ditch my Aesop skin routine, and go a bit New York... Im introducing more Kiehls... please let it stop me looking so old and gross!

Finally I've just given myself this treatment I bought in NY... it scared the hell out of me! It's a full chemical thing... gloves, timer, paranoia about the formula touching my skin! I am letting my hair dry natural, so not sure how it's gone yet..


Platform Princess said...

Just found your blog whilst looking for images of the YSL arty ring. Couldn't decide which colour to pre-order at Saks and then I found your (hilarious) post. I'm now going with the coral too..

Cute blog!


Moda de Colores said...

Hi! i like the green dress, is gorgeous.

Cotton Socks said...

Welcome back!!
Wow you did some amazing vintage shopping in the states.
lots of colours!
love the boots too. they will be perfect for our winter.

Eri said...


Nice to see you again! I loved this post! Certainly I am dying to go to this shop now... such a cool second hand shop!

Thanks for sharing your lovely pics!

See you soon.